Q: Why do you stress the Green aspect?
A: ANYTHING we can do to keep our landfills from filling up is a good thing. Etch Busters allows you to recycle your glass by NOT replacing. We are a last resort to replacement and have saved tons of glass from becoming trash.
Q: Can you repair construction damage scratches?
A: Scratch damage is easily removed just like graffiti. We routinely work for contractors, home builders & property managers. They spend a fraction of what they used to spend to replace glass. The repairs are made on site, without taking the glass out since we are completely mobile.
Q: Does it work on tempered glass?
A: Yes. Tempered glass is just heat treated glass that is stronger than non-tempered. When tempered glass breaks, it breaks into little pieces.
Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes. As an incorporated business, we maintain all required insurance, trademarks, permits and licenses. Our California State Contractor’s License is #955623. Our California Certified Small Business License is #1760599. Our California DIR number is 1000027728. Our Los Angeles County Vendor number is 17129301. You can rest assured with Etch Busters.
Q: Do you guarantee your work?
A: Yes. However the guarantee only applies to removing the damage. If you are not fully satisfied, we will stay until you are satisfied. Obviously we can’t guarantee the glass will not crack or get re-tagged. Every pane of glass is different. Some were installed incorrectly or have worn down over the years from the sun or vibrations. The chance of the glass breaking is less than 0.1%. Our service provides a last resort to replacement.
Q: Does it work on mirrors?
A: Yes. Mirrors are simply a piece of flat glass with reflective backing. The process is the same.
Q: Can you effectively remove very deep scratches and acid graffiti?
A: Yes. We believe our scratch removal process is the best so far in removing these types of vandalism. First, because the system is fast and works deep — especially for large areas of graffiti. Secondly, the system provides consistently excellent results, meaning glass clarity and lack of observable distortion. There will always be distortion, however you need a magnifying glass to see it. Try it out on any pane of glass.
Q: Does it look wavy afterwards?
A: No. While it depends on the actual size of the damaged area, Etch Busters has worked successfully on many different types of glass that were heavily tagged. Any potential limitation would come from the original fabrication of the glass and the size & depth of the scratch.
Q: How deep of a scratch can you remove?
A: Deep. We haven’t ever had a scratch we couldn’t remove. However, logic and experience is the best measuring stick on scratch depth. .004 (Four thousandths) is fairly deep and that hasn’t been shown to be a problem. We have seen graffiti damage that had glass fragments chipped away and glass dust throughout the damaged area which was successfully removed without any noticeable distortion. Deep damage like this does take a bit longer to repair but it can be done effectively.
Q: How often do the windows get re-tagged?
A: As of Apr, 2024, less than 1% of our repaired windows were re-tagged. Police experts advise that once a tag is removed, taggers go somewhere else to “display their work.” We work close with the LAPD and your local Senior Lead Officer to identify “selective enforcement” beats. All of our Etch Busters are equipped with iPhones. They email photos of the tags to the gang units for identification and intelligence.
Q: Can you take out hard water spots?
A: Yes. We can repair any type of glass as long as it is not broken or cracked. Hard water spots can easily be removed using our service.
Q: Can you handle large jobs?
A: Absolutely. We have the staff to handle any request from 1 to 1000 windows. And yes, there are volume discounts available.

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